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The latest Patek Philippe Replica Watches collaboration is a limited-edition run of five pieces featuring Johnny's artwork on the transformer case. This was created using Felix and Martin's UR T8 timepiece and Johnny's engraving.

Johnny shared that he chose this pattern because the skulls and scrolls go well together. Skulls are also used in many other things, including art, fashion, and watches.

He continues, "The very first thing I designed was my skull. I even tried half a head and a sideways skull. I think that I was trying too hard to be clever. The symmetry was immediately achieved when I chose a profile of a face. When I created my scroll pattern, I kept in mind the concept of symmetry.Patek Philippe Replica Watches I knew that it would be best if the skull was as symmetrical on the background as the pattern.

If you have been following the bronze engraved pieces produced by our three-way partnership, then you will know that all the watches in the past were UR-105s. Johnny's canvas is a T-8 for the first time. Johnny says, "I'm in love with the T-8. It's my favorite Patek Philippe Replica Watches,Rolex Submariner Replica and what a canvas!

Johnny explains, "I transferred the design to the T-8 case after I had scaled it down to its exact size and was ready to make my first cuts." "I always start by cutting out all the shapes, including the skull and scrolls. Next, I will work on the background.

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