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The top plate of Rolex Replica's watches has more space because the time-telling area is so small. The top plate of many watches is made of sapphire to let the owner see the workings of the satellite system. In other cases, the entire top surface can be covered in metal. This provides a perfect surface for engraving. Baumgartner Frei have been experimenting with decorative engravings on this large metal canvas for many years. Frei says, "The T-Rex was our first experiment using the UR-105 watch family. We created a unique design that evoked the image of a dinosaur's or giant reptiles' scales."

Baumgartner says, "We liked this effect because it looked both ancient and modern. The watch was a futuristic instrument that looked as if it had been buried among the ruins of a ancient civilization. Collectors seemed to agree, with the entire run of the UR-105 T-Rex selling out instantly. swiss replica watches experimented with decorative engraving and tapped the skills of gun-engraver Florian Gullert to create Amadeus UR210, which featured a fully engraved case.

Art as a Powerful Medium

Baumgartner & Frei were fascinated by Dowell's art when they first saw it. Baumgartner says, "We were enthralled by Johnny's engravings because he was like us in that he respected his roots while defining his own language."

Frei says, "There was an overwhelming primacy in his work which really fitted into the spirit 'UR'. We also loved the way he incorporated tattoos, comics, and popular culture references.

Baumgartner says, "We completely understood what you were trying to achieve." It is often thought that engravings must be ornate and baroque.longines replica watches But we wanted to create a contemporary language to connect engraving with today's audience.

Frei says, "We created a series engraved watches that were centered on symbols of power and warriors. For the first of these exclusive watches, made in partnership with Revolution we chose an image of a Samurai and then an image of a Dragon.

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