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"I carefully cut away the background to the depth that I think works best. It's the hardest part for me to do, because I have to carefully cut away the background under a microscope.

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Johnny says that his work is at its best when he begins shading his artwork. "For the shading, I briefly refer to the original drawing because I feel as if I am drawing it again.Richard Mille Replica Watches I cut the lines where needed and slowly put the piece together. During this process, I like to take a step back to ensure I don't overdo the shading.

The blackening is what makes the case really pop. "Even after doing this several times, I am still amazed at the effect of black against bronze."

Johnny was the first to have to duplicate his work five different times. He said, "It wasn't until I finished the first watch that I realized I still had four to do and they had to all match.

"In reality, however, I can't hand-engrave a watch set.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica They are all unique. Certain shadings and cuts will differ slightly. This project is even more special because the owner of each watch will have a unique piece.

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