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The earliest evidence of mankind's decorative marks on talismans and weapons can be found in the Serengeti Plains, dating back to 500,000 years ago. It is in the regressive simplicity of engraving a surface with a sharp burin to express inchoate thoughts, to uncover the expressive visions buried under the subconscious, and to honor your gods or express your Freudian Id, that engraving resonates the most.

Since the beginning of the Swiss watchmaking industry, engraving is inextricably tied to the art of watchmaking. The engraving techniques used can be simple, such as initials on a case or elaborate like filigree and chased techniques. Guilloche, the art of hand-engraving massive gold dials in mimetic patterns that are used both in Anglo-Saxon architecture and Neo-Classical art,Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches is a form of engraving. Engraving and enameling are celebrated together in the arts of flinque (which involves painting translucent enamel on an engraved surface) or champleve (where parts of a case or dial are excavated, then enamel is used to cover the remaining voids in order to create ethereal art microcosms).

Although I am a great admirer of the traditional art of engraving, many of its techniques are rooted in a classist, retrograde world. In contrast, I have always wanted to give this art form a new and powerful relevance by relating it with today's visual identity and iconography. I wanted to change engraving's perception from being ornate and feminine (let's be honest) to being visceral, aggressive, and even bombastic. After a chance meeting on Instagram with Johnny Dowell, aka King Nerd - a former master engraving at Purdey, my perception of engraving was transformed.

Johnny's art reflects the same desire for both respecting his craft while defining a new language that evokes Japanese manga, Marvel, DC Comics, tattoo iconography,Breitling Replica and even the martial arts film culture. I saw two worlds colliding in him: the iconoclast, rebel and the devoted artist. And I knew that I had to translate his art onto the canvas of one of my favorite mechanical timepieces by creating a unique series of Revolution pieces with him.

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